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Creating an Opt-in List using Automation

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Let’s say you wanted to automatically sign customers up to ongoing updates about an upcoming product launch. You can create an automation to automatically assign customers to a designated contact group to which the updates are going to be sent.

Note: Before you set up this rule you must have already created a contact group to add the Opt-ins. We’ll use an example in this case called “Product Launch”

1. Go to Automation in the left-hand menu

2. Click on “New Account Automation”

3. Provide the following details:

4. Select an action to determine what the MessageMedia platform will do when the prescribed response is received. In this case, we want the platform to add contacts to our “Product Launch” group when they reply with either "Yes" or "Y":

If you want to add any additional actions (e.g. sending a reply SMS), click on "Add Action" and select the required action from the drop-down and provide the required information (e.g the reply SMS content). Click on “Save Action” in the bottom right to continue.

The action will then appear in the Automation detail. You can continue to add additional actions to this automation if desired.

5. Click “Save & Launch Automation” if you want the automation to start running right away, or "Save & Close" to launch at a later date:

You will now see your new automation appear in the Automation menu:

You can edit the automation and change the status (e.g. pause and resume) by clicking on the three dots on the right hand side and choosing the required option from the resulting menu:

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